flat, green and no life in sight.


That’s what we started with.

Our urban farm day one

Our urban farm day one

Couldn’t even find an bug, just a compacted green lawn with a millimetre of dirt, then solid clay.

Oh and did I say lawn, I meant 50 years worth of mowed Kikuyu grass, one thick mat of the most invasive grass, the type that puts fear into the hearts of gardener.

Now there is one rule I live by:

No poisons, ever!

I have sat with very knowledgeable farmers and gardeners and all have a laugh when a ‘newby’ ask how can they get rid of Kikuyu. I heard and read many interesting ways of getting rid of this menace.

So this is what we did …….

Mulched all the trees that needed to be removed from our block (that’s another story) and put all this on our front lawn.

Ordered another large truck of mulch and that also went on our front lawn.

We then spread it to about one foot deep.

That was it and IT WORKED!

On two occasions we saw a sad and sorry piece of Kikuyu poke itself through, dug it out and never had a problem again.



2 Responses to “flat, green and no life in sight.”

  1. Debb Says:

    You guys are inspirational! Lots of thought & hard work to make your place a haven of self-sufficiency as much as possible. Good on you!

  2. Heidi Says:

    Love it. Great improvement to a sad house needing some love. Keep up the great work transforming the neighbourhood. Take care. Heidi

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