Hello world!


Welcome, I’ve started this blog to share our adventures of setting up our urban farm.

In April 2007 my family moved in to a very well loved, old weatherboard in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The year before we had moved from our home in East Gippsland.

We had missed the bush, so we thought we would recreate a little country oasis in the city.

I spent many hours designing and redesigning our urban farm. Like most gardeners, I look at a plan, then go with what feels right.

What we have today is a wonderful little oasis, growing and changing every day.

Please enjoy the following photo’s and stories.

Best Wishes

Deborah and Pete

Urban Farmers

If you wish to apply to volunteer at our urban farm property please read, Volunteering at our Urban Farm.



7 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Joy Says:

    Congratulations on your great work Deb and Pete. You have transformed the space.

  2. spoco2 Says:

    My wife just pointed me to your blog, and I’m now going to bookmark it.

    I love what you’re doing. We’ve been in our wonderful eastern suburbs house for a year now and are having are second crack at a vegie garden, this time with an automated dripper system… My parents are long time urban farmers and so the desire to bring some fresh produce into our garden is a strong one.

    I will be checking back regularly for hints and tips. 😀

  3. Julie Says:

    Congratulations to you. We are doing the same thing on our surburban quater acre block. We have the vegie garden, the chickens, the tanks, the fruit trees and we have a lawn and flower gardens as well. We also have 6 kids ranging in age from 14 down to 8 months. Read Grass Roots Magazine its great.

  4. Karen Anderson Says:

    Hi Deb,

    I just saw your blog. —really great! I am Jennifer’s mom.I have no excuse for not having a vegie garden—lots of land,mulch and manure!!! Let me know if you want to bring a trailer and collect some.I need some WWOOFERS!!

  5. Heidi Says:

    Hi, thought I would drop you a line. We are in Richmond I am going to buy some chooks for the kids for christmas. Love your blog. Makes me think that I can do it too. Thanks for the comments about what chooks to buy. Dont want to any the neighbours so thanks for the heads-up on the High Line Browns. Thanks, Heidi

  6. Karen Anderson Says:

    Hi, Just went out to my manure mountain and it is huge.It is well aged and ready for use!! All you need is a trailer and a shovel. Email me and let me know


  7. golddenrose Says:

    Hello there,
    I loved reading your blog and all the wonderful things you guys have been up to. I moved into an old town house about almost 2 years ago in Victoria B.C Canada and have been gardening like a mad woman so I totally can relate to your stories, we also have NO Lawn. Food not lawns we like to say. I am 22 years old and have been starting to get involved with the farming movment. I have takin an organic gardening program for 4 months early spring and have been doing an apprentice growing veggies and seed saving all summer. Debbie is 28 and has been doing landscaping and greenhouse work for most of her life.She has currently been helping run a greenhouse. We are both interested in expanding our knowledge on alternative ways of living. I am a vegitarian, but will eat dairy I will eat anything as long as its not animal. We love to talk, learn, grow, make the best of any moment. We would love to come and meet you guys and see what you’ve been up to and lend a hand. My email is – we will try and connect tonight with you’s.

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