Wwoofers to the rescue


Ok, so it’s all mulched, that was the easy part …… next?

lawn no more

lawn no more

The plan was to develop the front yard into a Urban Farm. We had 15 metres across and 9 metres deep plus 30 metres along the driveway. No backyard would be available as it was being developed into houses (the block originally went right through to the next road).

My wish was to start in the south east corner of our block (the house faces east) working our way across the front yard, make wonderful raised, no dig garden beds.

All good plans usually end in a reality check and mine was that we had no money, no materials and I was recovering from a flu that left me feeling a little overwhelmed at creating the garden.

The other reality was that we had over a dozen fruit trees, either bare rooted or in pots, desperately needing to be put in the ground.

So what do you do when you are creating an urban farm and you need help?

Invite wwoofers!

What you ask is a Wwoofer?

Wwoof stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms, Wwoofers are what we call the wonderful people who are these willing workers and we can Wwoofing the action of doing the work!

Wwoofing started as a way for people interested in learning about organic farming to help out at working organic farms and learn ‘on the job’. Wwoofing then expanded to include travelers wanting to learn not only about organic farming but about how other people live. Wwoofing is now global.

A Wwoofer usually helps out for 4-6 hours a day in exchange for education and board.

I had been a wwoof host on my country property in East Gippsland for a number of years, I hadn’t really thought of inviting wwoofers to my Melbourne home, didn’t really think anyone would be interested – how wrong I was.

Within what felt like days I had my first enquiry, a young woman traveling from Korea came to stay.

Together we dug the first hole, planted the first tree, a lemonade tree and re potted all the trees just in case I couldn’t get the trees into the ground by the end of winter.

Next, two koren students on uni break asked to visit. Wow could these women work. We got half a dozen trees in along the driveway and completed two no dig garden beds.

These women did look at me a bit strange when I explained the gardens vision, I had promised to send them the pictures which is one of the reasons I have done this blog. All of our wwoofer visitors can now see what they helped build.

Since then we have had many wwoofers visit, some for a few day, some for a few weeks, some even stayed for a few months.

Without Wwoofers what we have today wouldn’t have been possible.



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