Sustainable Garden Edging


When I started looking at how to design our front yard, the saying of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle was important to me.

I thought about the issue of garden edging and how I would follow this principle whilst making raised garden beds.

I asked around sustainable gardening forums, my local permaculture group, family and friends to work out what I could use.

Someone (I can’t now remember who, but a big thank you) suggested logs. Lots of people cut down trees and since we are in the city fire wood use is fairly low, so this resource is left on the side of the road.

Every week we found a pile of logs, sitting waiting for a new home. Our car boot looked a little bit like a fire wood box but it did the job of carting our garden edging home.

This worked beautifully and we almost have our whole garden edged with a local waste product.

Edging our garden with local waste

Edging our garden with local waste


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One Response to “Sustainable Garden Edging”

  1. Garden Edging Materials Says:

    Very creative use of recycled materials for edging well done.

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