Worm Farms


Late Autumn

A few weeks after we moved into our home we bought a worm farm and two compost bins from ebay.

A friend from our local group of Permaculture Melbourne gave us the worms.

At this stage we didn’t have chickens so the worms were well feed and what they didn’t like went into the compost bins.

Worms usually like to eat anything that have once lived, except citrus and onions. Most people also give their worms paper but our paper went into the compost bins for some much needed carbon.

Our worms thrived, every week I would pour a watering can of rain water into their home, open up the tap and feed my plants with the wonderful worm wee that came out.

Every time we put a plant into the ground we put a handful of worms.

By spring our whole garden was moving with little red composting worms.


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