Spring 2008 wwoofers nature strip makeover.


I was going to write the story of our urban farm as it happen, step by step in order, but I just had to post what we have been able to achieve in the last week.

I have had two wonderful Wwoofers staying with us for a week and they have helped us to get so much work done.

The first job was getting rid of the nature strip lawn …….

I hate lawns ………. I see them as a huge waste of resources, they take fuel and machines to maintain, time, energy, can’t stand them.

I have been wanting to get rid of it since we moved in but had other more important tasks to focus on.

Our goal is to plant out the nature strip with native grasses and wild flowers but first that Kikuyu has to go.

just started

just started

First they used pick and shovels to remove the bulk of the grass, normally I would just mulch over grass but we needed to get below the concret edging so the cardboard and mulch stayed in place.

yippy we are half way

yippy we are half way

Many many wheel borrows of soil and grass are removed, then cardboard and newspaper is thickly laid.

last little bit

last little bit

now that's a nature strip

and here is the finished nature strip, we will start planting out native grasses Autumn 2009.


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