Ladybug Ladybug


Every urban farmer needs good bugs and Labybugs are some of the best bugs to have around.

When we moved into our home there were no bugs – nothing, not even an ant. One of the first things I did was order packets of Good Bug Mix from Green Harvest in Queensland.

The Good Bug Mix contains a wonderful selection of seeds, all of which are plants that encourage good bugs to come and get rid of the bad bugs.

When we planned the layout of our garden we decided to set the second hand picket fence (thank you Trading Post) back from the foot path. I like to create as many rooms as possible in a garden. By setting the fence back we created an east facing garden bed, a climbing frame and an west facing garden bed – so one space became three.

The area set back from the front foot path was allocated as the good bug garden – for a few reasons, firstly it was right next to the pathway and dogs, so I needed non ediable plants to form a barrier.  Secondly, I like the idea of having a good bug garden in clear view (and reach) of the neighbours as I was hoping to use it to educate then in th importance of attracting good bugs to their gardens but also hope that some would help themselves to seeds – or at least I could easily give seeds away to passer bys.

One of our little friends

One of our little friends

A few pictures of our good bugs!


busy bugs 🙂

getting the bad guys!

getting the bad guys!

the good bug garden late winter

the good bug garden late winter


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