Lasagne Gardening


I avoid digging at all cost.

Takes too much energy and time, not to mention it breaks up healthy soil, exposing the animal and plant life, upsetting the delicate balance.

I have found the easiest way to garden using the lasagne method.

You can use anything that has once lived, straw, manure, cardboard, paper, lawn clippings, chip bark, even clothes made of natural fibres, autumn leaves, fresh garden prunings.

If you are building a garden on top of invasive grass then you will need to create a deep mulch layer and I would be suggesting also using clothes, cardboard or thick paper.

Here is lasagne gardening in action:

This is the creation of our very first garden bed.

We started by thickly mulching the whole yard with chip bark.

Then we edged the area with logs we found on the side of the road.

Step 1

Step 1

Next we put a layer of cardboard, then horse manure, then more cardboard.


On top of this we put straw, more manure, another layer of cardboard, then finished it off with some old carpet.


Oh, and we put a handful of composting worms in to help along the process. A few months later in early spring the first plants went in . For each seedling I dug down through the layers until I reach the original soil. We backfilled with compost and good quality soil. We had a wonderful crop of zuccini and herbs throughout spring and summer.



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One Response to “Lasagne Gardening”

  1. Angela Says:

    Nice one! It’s a good idea to soak the cardboard or newspapers or carpet etc in water before layering them down and sprinkling them with a little bit of blood and bone can help speed up their breakdown.

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