Volunteering at our Urbanfarm


Are you interested in volunteering at our Urban Farm?

We invite people genuinely interested in learning about sustainable living and organic farming through the Wwoof program or HelpX

If you would like to apply please use the contact details via these programs.

Please provide us with,

  • you full name,
  • why you want to visit at our home,
  • your hobbies/special interests,
  • when and how long you would like to stay,
  • previous experience,
  • your contact details,
  • your program ID number,

Please remember to put volunteer in the subject heading so your email does not end up in spam.

We will let you know via email or phone if we have a vacancy.

Wwoofa Work is 6 hour each day.

If you are visiting for a week, please plan to have two days off at the end of your stay.

Type of work can include,

  • gardening
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • cleaning/feeding pets
  • home-repairs
  • volunteering at schools and community gardens

Joining in with all household and outside chores is expected.

We have a variety of different animals. We practice natural animal training, management and diet methods.

Finding Us

We are ½ an hour by car from the Melbourne CBD.

Tram from the city will take about 45 minutes, with a five minute walk from the tram stop to our home.


A double futon in our spare room. We provide all bedding and meals.


  • We can not accept Working Visa.. We are not in the right postcode area of Australia.
  • No smoking on our property or within view of our child.
  • No perfumes, sprays, chemical based products, we consider them dangerous to the environment and our health, we do not want them used or disposed of in our. Natural personal products only I.E. Biodegradable shampoo, soaps etc ..
  • We eat meat, are gluten free and we are on an limited income, we can not cater for special diets or fussy eaters.
  • You MUST have a sun hat, clothing and outdoor footwear suitable for dirty outside work.
  • We only accept visitors with Photo ID and with active membership to Wwoof or HelpX.
  • All visitors will need a police check from their country of origin. Australian visitors have an option of obtaining A Working with Children check, which is available for free for volunteers from Australia.

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