#25 Golden Winter Steam


Some months ago I bought ingredients in bulk to make a couple of batches of ale. But as is usual, I never get round to brewing it in time. Ale yeasts generally want warmer temperatures – but being I was going to be brewing in colder temperatures I was going to need to look at getting a lager yeast. So I compromised: Wyeast’s California Lager yeast variety is a lager yeast that can handle warmer temperatures (14-20°C), and is characteristic of the American West Coast Steam beers; alternatively, you could use it for ales brewing at a colder temperature, which is kind of what I have been going for here.


  • 2.25kg Ale malt
  • 500g Light Munich malt
  • 100g Light crystal malt (55L)
  • 50g Chocolate malt
  • 1kg LDME
  • 20g Northern Brewer (AA 9.5%) @ 60mins
  • 1x Cascade plug (AA 6.84%) @ 15mins
  • 1x Cascade plug (AA 6.84%) @ 10mins
  • 77g Cascade whole fresh flowers (AA unknown) @ flame-out
  • ½ tab Irish Moss @ 5mins
  • Wyeast 2112 California Lager (1Lt starter) liquid yeast
  • Est. OG            1.052
  • Est. IBU           39.2
  • Est. EBC          22.5
  • Actual OG        1.051
  • Actual FG        1.011

ALC/VOL. ~5.4%


  • Mash grains in 10Lt water (~65°C) for 1 hour.
  • Add 270g LDME to wort and boil hops as per schedule above.
  • Add Irish Moss 5 mins before end of boil.
  • Add remainder of LDME.
  • Add fresh hops flowers, and let sit for 20 mins.
  • Top us with water to 20Lt.
  • Add liquid yeast starter.

The colour is a rich golden hue, reminiscent of JS Golden Ale. Its really clear, and the hops aren’t too overpowering.

This batch only took four days to ferment, which I figured was due to the amount of yeast I pitched. It was late at night, and I accidentally pitched while the wort was about 28°C – I truly thought that I may have shocked the yeast, but it started to bubble away within a few hours, much quicker than usual.

I made 2lt of starter with this liquid yeast pack, using 1Lt for the batch, and splitting the rest into 6 stubbies, which I stored in the fridge for later use.

After only 7 days, I bulk-primed with 167g Dextrose in 2cups water and bottled.


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2 Responses to “#25 Golden Winter Steam”

  1. All quiet on the gardening front…. « bringing the country to the city Says:

    […] bringing the country to the city urban farming made easy « #25 Golden Winter Steam […]

  2. Peter Says:

    Tasted this after 4 weeks! Brilliant. Nice hop profile, great mouthfeel, and truly is a hybrid beer: the first taste reminds one of a standard lager, but then the after-taste is malty, caramel-esque ale.

    A cool-brewed ale, or a warm-brewed lager?

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