All quiet on the gardening front….


Winter is most definitely here…. and things are definitely slowing.

All the various Brassicas are slowly getting to maturity (cabbages, broccoli, swedes, kale, etc); the snow peas are finally climbing their trellis after a very slow start; and we’ve just sowed some heirloom purple broad-beans.

The plan is to start sowing seeds into trays for late winter/early spring, so that the seedlings are ready to plant. Although between exams and holidays, its not certain when we’ll actually get this happening.

An exciting development is a large number of hard-wood cuttings of two different varieties of fig trees, which we hope will strike and provide us a number of fig saplings.

Of course, winter is the perfect time for brewing lagers and other brews requiring bottom-fermenting yeasts. After tasting the Golden Winter Steam, I was inspired to make another one. This is an interesting beer, one that definitely can be classed as a hybrid – a cross between a  lager and an ale. The first taste is reminiscent of classic lagers, but then followed by a hint of fruity-esters, and then an aftertaste of malt. The aroma is not what was aimed for, and may have been because I picked the hops flowers too late. There are at least two batches of my Happy Pils that need to be made in the next month or so – the Czech Pilsener yeast works best in these cold temperatures.

Surprisingly, our tomatoes, eggplants, and chilli plants are all surviving – there are even ripening fruit on the tomatoes!!!! Weird, huh?!?!?

We are having a pest problem that is destroying the mature broccoli – and its not something that snail-ale will fix – we think that possums are eating our vegies! Perhaps possum pie is in order….. grrrrrrrrrr….!!!!!!

It will be interesting to see how things pan out for this year. I predict that we may see an early start to spring this year…..


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One Response to “All quiet on the gardening front….”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Hello Deb and Pete,
    Thanks for showing me your Blog site – It’s so inspiring to see the progress of your urban ‘farm’ through your blog and truly awesome to think that you started completely from scratch and on a limited budget….I suppose the really majic ingredient is TIME and of course the wonderful Wwoofers to get all the jobs done. Let’s hope more people in urban environments pick up on the joys to be had from creating your own little eco-environment that can keep a family fed as well – not to mention growing your own hops for something to soothe jangled nerves when needs must with Pete’s Homebrew! ….What a great adventure you’re having. I’ll be following your blog to get inspiration for my own projects now, which have been on the backburner for too long….Cheers guys, hope to see you all in East Gippsland again soon.

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