#26 Steaming Brown Ale



  • 2.25kg Ale malt
  • 500g Light Munich malt
  • 200g Light Crystal malt
  • 200g Chocolate malt
  • 500g Dextrose
  • 1kg Light Dry malt extract
  • 20g Nothern Brewer hops pellets (AA ?%) @ 60mins
  • 40g Fuggles hops pellets (AA ?%) @ 15mins
  • 30g Fuggles hops plugs (AA ?%) @ 15mins
  • ??g Golden Cluster hops flowers (fresh)  @ flame-out
  • Wyeast 2112 California Lager liquid yeast (1lt)
  • Estimated OG:
  • Estimated IBU:
  • Estimated EBC:
  • Actual OG:  1.056
  • Actual FG: 1.011
  • ALC/VOL. 5.85%


The grains were mashed together for an hour in 10lt water. Then brought to the boil with the hops added as per schedule. Dextrose and LDME were added 5 minutes before the end of the boil. The fresh hops were from our garden. They were left to steep in the finished wort for 1/2 hour. The wort was then cooled, and yeast pitched. Because this was a very spur of the moment brew, I hadn’t gotten a yeast starter together – so I used 4 of my 6 bottles made when I made my original 6-way starter. After fermentation I bulk-primed it with 144g Dextrose and bottled.


Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out very brown. According to Promash it should have with the amounts I put in – but there’s the difference between theory and praxis I guess! It may also have been due to the age of the grain. It was stuff that was left-over in the cupboard for a couple of years. I have yet to taste it, as it still needs a couple of weeks in the bottle.


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