Is your dog a Good Citizen?????


Some of you might know that one of my interests is in working with dogs, especially problem dogs.

What does dog behaviour have to do with urban farming? A lot if you have urban livestock or wish to walk outside your gate.

Constantly we hear of problem dog behaviour, it seems every week there is reports of horrific attacks on animals and people, particularly children.

In my experience 99% of this incidents a fully avoidable.

If you would like to understand dog behaviour and have an incite into why bad behaviour happens, check out this video …. Nothing In Life Is Free

I agree with every statement made on this six minute video from . If  every dog owner knew this information it would make our community a much better place.

When I hear owners of these problem dogs say “there were no signs” “it was the other dog/person fault of why my dog attacked”, I know that they are mistaken.

There are always signs, ALWAYS and regardless of the situation an owner should have the ability to control their own dog, even if confronted with an aggressive situation.

I would estimate 90% of dogs are an incident waiting to happen.

Our community needs to demanded that all dogs be capable of passing a test, proving that the dog has basic manners and can be a positive canine member of our society.

The American Kennel Club has a fantastic program,  Canine Good Citizen.

If this program is incorporated in to our dog registration system, incidents causing emotional and physical harm to animals and peoples would become rare and the rate of dogs ending up in pounds and shelters would dramatically reduce.



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