I’m taking a short break from cutting up kumquats. Finished the first stage of kumquat cordial and I am about to start making kumquat curd, I will report back on the results.

I love these little fruit. So undervalued that many families have trees full of fruit and leave it to rot on the tree. I kept noticing kumquat trees overflowing with fruit around my neighbourhood, especially one huge tree that I drove pass nearly every day. A few weeks ago I decided to knock on the door and ask if I could pick some kumquats in exchange for giving them back marmalade. No one was home so I left a note and a few days later a lovely woman, Yvonne called me and said I welcome to come and pick as much fruit as I liked.

Yvonne is a very skilled ‘county cook’ and makes jams, pickle etc but she just couldn’t keep up with this kumquat tree. Not only did she share her kumquat bounty but also gave me a jar of her homemade marmalade, her recipe and lots of hints. I am so glad I knocked on her door!

I took a bag of kumquats to Nona, a large bucket to school for fund raising jams and I was still left with a large bag for my own kitchen.

I made marmalade, syrup (for crepes) and pickled kumquats (from Stephanie Alexander’s The Cooks Companion). Nona made her world famous marmalade (well at least it is famous to all who know her). I took a sample of each one of our creations and dropped them off for Yvonne, no one was home so I left the little thank you treats next to her front door.

Yvonne rang today to say thank you and to remind me there is more fruit to pick. So I headed off again today to fill up my basket with these cute little fruit.

Best get back to fun (can’t really call it work) and make the curd.

I will put up some pictures and recipes soon.


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