Melbourne Mango


Last year I assisted a grade at a local primary school to plant a mango.

Some might question my sanity at encouraging the planting of a Mango tree in Melbourne, here’s hoe it came about.

When I first meet this grade they had no background (and not a lot of interest) in gardening and I needed something that they wanted to do within the gardening program, something that they could own.

I asked the grade what would they like to grow and they told me MANGOES. This interest then allowed us to discuss different plants needs, how to create ‘rooms’ within a garden that might help grow plants that are not traditionally grown in that area and how we might be able to create a climate that a mango might be able to grow in.

We choose an area that in a sheltered North East position with a large amount of solid paths and walls near by to release heat in the colder months and surrounded by plants needing similar conditions.

I would like to report, 8 months on …….. the mango is still with us. It is struggling a little but I am seeing it in the same light as Avocado trees which in my experience look a little sad for the first cold season but once they are into the warmer months flourish.

Regardless of what the future is for this Melbourne Mango, if only it is to give a group of children interest in gardening then it was well worth the effort involved.

If anyone knows of any Mangoes growing in Victoria, SA or Tasmania please let me know.

Happy Gardening



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