There is a season (turn, turn, turn)…



We’ve been neglecting our blogging duties due to commitments, and we haven’t exactly been active…

However, further proof to the amazing self-regulating powers of nature in the permaculture garden, our little “urban farm” has been ticking along quite nicely.

The good rains we had last spring and summer (courtesy of La Nina) look set to continue this season, and with 4 years worth of soil-building using composting, worm-farm, and mulch crop techniques (not to mention the ubiquitous chills and their contributions) have left us with a thick, rich humus full of life.

All we have done for 18 months or so is a little tinkering around the edges. We haven’t planted anything, as everything is self-seeded.

Having said that, we are looking forward to spending more time in the garden, as it is such a lovely space to be in, and sinking our hands into this beautiful black soil is an experience that is truly exquisite.

And hopefully we’ll get it together enough to share it all with you….


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