Why urban farm?

After the birth of our daughter back in 2005, we were strongly encouraged to leave our rural paradise and return to Melbourne. After 12 months bunked in with relatives, we finally moved into our own place – which had its many advantages, one of which was the ability to create a garden from scratch.

We decided on focussing on our passion of sustainable living, which meant essentially providing us with our own foods, medicines, and gardening resources. Deb’s background in organic farming was utilised, and principles of organics, biodynamics, and permaculture were all used as resources to inform how we would build our urban farm.

Of course, many people thought we were crazy – but the proof is in the pudding!  Not only are we able to provide a great deal of our own food needs, but we are able to recycle nearly everything that comes into the house to put back into the garden in some manner – thus reducing our carbon footprint in terms of food miles, and putting material back into Mother Earth. Our efforts we recently recognised with being awarded the Whitehorse City Council’s Sustainable Garden Award for 2009.

After two years, we are now so abundant we can start offering food, herbs, plants, fertilisers, and mulches to others. We also offer our own advice as garden mentors for those seeking to start their own urban farms in their front or back yards.

This is the way of the future! This is just a very small chapter in the de-centralisation of our culture, economy, and society. If we all just do our little bit in our own front/back-yards, then we will be actively participating in a revolution which our descendents will be applauding for millennia to come.

Now is the time. Do your bit to help Mother Earth. Grow your food and medicine. Give back to the Earth. Ensure a future for our children. And save money at the same time!!!

‘Nuff said – here endeth the lesson…..


This is who we do it for!

This is who we do it for!


One Response to “Why urban farm?”

  1. autonomyacres Says:

    I just found your site and already have it book marked. It’s funny how another family half way across the world is doing the exact same thing we are here in Minnesota. Urban Homesteading is the way of the future, Peak Oil is going to prove that. Good luck! AutonomyAcres.Com

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